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Plan a Perfect Trip to South Africa

South Africa is an incredible destination that has so much to offer that one trip does not seem enough. Right from the abundant wildlife to the exhilarating safaris and from the dazzling cities to the welcoming people, South Africa has it all. However, one needs to plan in advance to get the most out of the vacation. Since South Africa is a vast country offering so much to explore, it is always recommended that one must set up an itinerary to enjoy the incredible experience of the country.

The Top Attractions in South Africa

It is not possible to list out all that South Africa has to offer because of the expanse of the country. However here is a list of its top attractions, not in any particular order.

The Unforgettable Safari: there is an abundance of birds, wild life and marine life in South Africa. There are several national parks and grounds abound with these animals and birds. Planning a safari is an inevitable part of any itinerary to South Africa. The safari tours are simply amazing and one must be prepared for it. Some of the popular parks that offer such safaris are the Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, Agulhas, Golden Gate Garden, Groenkloof and Route National Park.

The Garden Route: the best way to experience the local flavor of a place is by road. The Garden Route is one of the most exhilarating drives that mesmerizes all and leaves them speechless. The route lies between the Tsitsikamma Mountains on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. The path highlights plenty of eco tourism activities along the indigenous forests. The place is home to dolphins, seals and beautiful coral reefs. There are golf courses, shopping malls, forests and craft villages along the way.

The Dazzling Cities: while South Africa has an abundance of natural resources and reserves, its cities are abuzz with activities. Johannesburg, Cape Town, Soweto and Durban are some of the known and popular cities of South Africa. There is an active night life, unsurpassed lodging and delicious food at all these places. There are plenty of places to shop and experience the local culture.

Long Beautiful Beaches: there is a beach for any reason and any season in South Africa. Right from some lonely ones to the buzzing ones, the South African beaches are a place for an ultimate experience. Many of the beaches have various water sports. While some are quite beaches pampering the rich marine life of the place, others are abuzz with tourists that throng them day and night. The white sandy beaches provide a pristine view and the best of entertainment.

Museums: for those tourists that are interested in the history of South Africa and wish to know more about it, visiting the various museums can be a good option. Johannesburg has some of the best museums of the country where one can find all sorts of information about the country. The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, located just outside of Johannesburg is home to some of the rarest human ancestor fossils. These fossils account for almost 40% of the total fossils of human ancestors found on the Earth. In addition, the place has a large collection of animal, bird and plant fossils. The Western Cape has an amazing collection of ancient rock art and sand dunes that are not to be found anywhere else. Therefore, a visit to these places must be included in the itinerary to South Africa.

Wine lands: a visit to South Africa without visiting its wine lands is considered incomplete. Therefore every travel plan to the place must include the classic Wine lands of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, which form the part of a World Heritage Cultural Landscape. The place is heaven for the tourists that wish to taste authentic wines of the place. There are plenty of delightful restaurants, places to stay and shop, coffee shops and souvenir shops.

The list of attractions, as mentioned earlier is not complete as there are so many things to see and experience in South Africa. A diverse land complete with mountains, beaches, deserts, forests and parks, South Africa mesmerizes all. A visit to the place is sure to leave happy and memorable memories.

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