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Prefer to Fly India than Catching Train to Travel

A journey of India is full of adventures, which not only provides lots of fun-filled options but also allows you discovering the best out of everything. Indian railway network is the fourth largest network in the world next to USA, Russia and China and traveling by trains in India can bring an exciting experience for you. If you wonder about this, I will elaborate. But yet, if you have a plan to travel India, prefer to take flights than catching train. There are several reasons behind it.

Being an Indian from one of its small villages, I keep on traveling with trains as flights don’t reach to my destination. This is the reason; I have come across various problems and advantages of traveling by trains.

Trains are cheaper way to travel and also provide a spacious and more comfortable option for a memorable journey. To reach to the outskirts of India, it is the only alternative. However, you can face some major problems by traveling in trains.

The most common problem that I have faced is the availability of train tickets as I always had to book tickets much in advance from the date of journey.

Running over old and outdated tracks, Indian railway is always in a mood to create lots of happenings for the passengers. Sometimes, it causes few serious railway accidents and most of the time it runs late offering the complete views of surroundings.

Trains usually take longer than the actual travel time and are full of such passengers, who create noise and hassles.

You can see the overloaded seats carrying more passengers without tickets or wait listed tickets. Explore some usual problems that one may face during traveling.

Several parts of Indian railway suffer with looters and attackers when any kind of disturbance and violence arises.

Due to short of modern technologies and management, it lacks behind in attracting appropriate talent that somehow fails to provide a hassle free journey to the travelers.

Traveling through Indian trains especially in general class or sleeper class allows the passengers encountering some of the hidden talents (pun intended). Meet here some of the folk singers, magicians and artists that definitely can impress you.

Went through the problems that you may face during train traveling in India? Now I tell you the benefits of flying.

It is true that each destination of India is not connected to the flights but it is the most favorable way of transportation for most of the travelers. It saves time with all added comforts and connects two cities quickly. Flights are reliable way to travel in India as these meet all the international standards in terms of services and infrastructure. You don’t have to get in queue of counters as there is always availability of flight tickets.

I guess, you are clear with the reasons of choosing flying in India over railway journey. However, if you still want to take the advantage of train trip, be ready for a wonderful and exciting experience.


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