Tama Zoological Park

Tama Zoo
The zoo's entrance
Date opened1958
LocationHino, Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates35°39′N 139°24′E / 35.650°N 139.400°E / 35.650; 139.400Coordinates: 35°39′N 139°24′E / 35.650°N 139.400°E / 35.650; 139.400
Land area52 ha (130 acres)

The Tama Zoological Park (多摩動物公園, Tama Dōbutsukōen, Tama Zoo for short) is a zoo, owned by the government of Tokyo Metropolis, and located in Hino, Tokyo, Japan. The Tama Zoo was opened on May 5, 1958, originally as a branch (分園, satellite facility) of the Ueno Zoo. The zoo aims to use its large site – 52 ha, compared to the 14.3 ha of the Ueno Zoo – to show its animals moving in a more free and natural environment.

Major attractions[edit]

Asian Garden/Zone[edit]

Orangutan Skywalk
Connects orangutan enclosures with towers and wire ropes. Total length of 150 metres.
Raptor Enclosure
A large dome enclosure that enables birds of prey such as white-tailed eagles and golden eagles to be viewed flying freely.
Malayan Tapir Enclosure
Enables visitors to view Malayan tapirs swimming via a glass window.
Mole House
A man-made mole burrow made of glass-covered earth and metal tunnels. Also exhibits the Sorex minutissimus hawkeri, a subspecies of the Eurasian least shrew that is the smallest mammal found in Japan.
Asian Swampland
Reproduces the habitats of the Indian rhinoceros, Asian water buffalo, and various wading birds.

African Garden/Zone[edit]

Lion Bus
Enables visitors to view Lions in a safari atmosphere.
A large enclosure featuring Giraffes, Grevy's Zebras, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Ostriches, and Pelicans.
African Elephant
The World's Largest Land Animal, African Elephants can be shown in African Garden.
Chimpanzee Forest
Includes a 15-metre-high tower and vending machine, to showcase the athletic and mental abilities of the chimpanzee.

Australian Garden/Zone[edit]

The Koala House
Koala House
Exhibits marsupials such as sugar gliders and ringtail possums, in addition to koalas, wombats and emus.


Main Building
A building modeled after a dragonfly, which contains exhibits relating to the life of insects.
Butterfly House
A large greenhouse that visitors can enter to observe various species of butterflies and grasshoppers all year round.

Other animals[edit]


Tama-Dōbutsukōen Station on the Keiō Dōbutsuen Line and the Tama Toshi Monorail Line is in front of the park's gate.

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